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Advanced Computer Design
Advanced Computer Design

PCB Design

Since our formation in 1985 our design work has encompassed a wide range of PCB types from simple single sided to complex multilayer and flexi-rigid boards.

Our experience covers many areas including:

  • Specialist interface boards for semiconductor test eg probe cards for test systems such as LTX, Teradyne Catalyst, and Eagle.
  • Complex mixed signal multilayer PCBs with surface mount devices on both sides.
  • Production test tooling, jigs and fixtures.
  • Analog layouts for audio/video applications
  • Applications with controlled impedance tracking
  • PCBs for MWD and wireline applications in the oil industry
  • Special applications requiring intrinsic safety barriers and or high voltage isolation.
  • PCBs for motorway hazard warning systems and railway signalling applications.

Schematic Capture

As well as schematic capture using our Altium Designer CAD tools we can read and create schematics using Orcad Capture. Our Altium Designer layout software is fully compatible with schematics created in Orcad.

Altium Designer

The power and flexibility of our Altium Designer software enables us to capture schematics and design boards covering the complete spectrum from single sided to complex many layered PCB structures with controlled impedance layers if required.

Manufacturing output data can be provided in gerber or ODB++ format as required. Draft data is normally supplied to customers for approval prior to manufacture. For customers who cannot view gerber data, Altium Designer's Smart PDF capability provides an alternative easily viewable format for design review.

Altium designer can handle a wide range of input formats allowing us to read and modify data for PCB designs produced on other CAD systems. Reverse engineering from gerber data of PCB designs created on obsolete software is also possible.


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