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For a firm price quotation we require the following information

PCB Design Layout

i) Schematic
ii) Board size [and maximum number of layers if this is a restriction]
iii) Bill of materials
iv) Details of any fixed position items [eg connectors] or areas where component height restrictions apply
v) Details of any special requirements –eg high current areas, high voltage clearance areas, tracking with impedance control requirements, screened areas, etc.

PCB manufacture [where customer is supplying manufacturing data]

Gerber data files if they are available or alternatively the following information:-

i) Board shape [eg rectangular, circular] and dimensions including thickness.
ii) Number of layers
iii) Total number of holes, number of different hole sizes, and smallest hole size
iv) Minimum track and gap sizes
v) plating finish [eg lead free HASL, electroless nickel/gold]
vi) if silkcreen legend is required on one or both sides
vii) Approvals/certification required if any [eg UL, RHOS compliance]
viii) Quantity required and manufacturing timescale

PCB Assembly

a) Bill of materials
b) Components to be free issued [if any]
c) Quantity required and timescale.
d) Approvals/certification required if any

General conditions applying to quotations:-

1) Fixed price quotations will be valid for acceptance 30 days from the quotation date unless otherwise stated
2) We reserve the right to modify any price quoted if changes are introduced before or after the work has been started.
3) Prices quoted will be exclusive of VAT which will be applied at the standard rate.
4) Provisional prices can be provided on less than the above information but the prices given would be indicated as being estimates only to be confirmed when the full information is available.

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